What is Hantavirus?


Even as the world is struggling to find a solution for the feared coronavirus pandemic, a Global Times article says a man from the Yunnan province of China died of Hantavirus while on a bus to the Shandong province. All the bus passengers were tested positive. So what is HantaVirus? The Center for Disease Control reports that the virus is mostly transmitted by rodents. it goes on to state that hantavirus infection may cause hantavirus disease in humans. The CDC … Read more What is Hantavirus?

CoronaVirus Explained


In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months, it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. 10min read: “CoronaVirus Explained”. This virus is the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus 2 that causes the disease called Covid-19 and that everyone simply … Read more CoronaVirus Explained

Astral Projection Guide


Astral travel involves understanding beyond what we are accustomed to; to the point of separating your astral body from your physical one and exploring the other realms. It’s not something that can get used to beginners and it’s definitely not something you can master overnight. This Astral Projection Guide will help you understand what Astral Projection really is. It can best be described as floating or raising your body and using your astral body. Being able to see yourself … Read more Astral Projection Guide

SAP Business Partner General Data

4 min read – Understanding general data of SAP Business Partner The Data areas of BP General Data Customer Data Vendor Data Data related to person/ Organization Tax data Tax data Bank data (time-dependent) General customer data General vendor data Address data (time-dependent) Company code data (role FLCU00) Company code data (role FLVN00) Credit card … Read more SAP Business Partner General Data

SAP Customer Vendor Integration

Cusomer Vendor Integration

Introduction to CVI In the ERP area, we are using leading objects, customers and vendors.20min read on “Customer Vendor Integration”. What are the Limitation (Leading objects in ERP) Only one single address. Double maintenance. No relation between a vendor and customer for the same real-world entity (no role concept) No person objects are available. Here … Read more SAP Customer Vendor Integration