Astral Projection Guide


Astral travel involves understanding beyond what we are accustomed to; to the point of separating your astral body from your physical one and exploring the other realms. It’s not something that can get used to beginners and it’s definitely not something you can master overnight. This Astral Projection Guide will help you understand what Astral Projection really is. It can best be described as floating or raising your body and using your astral body. Being able to see yourself … Read more Astral Projection Guide

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?


Can rabbits eat watermelon? Yes, it is possible for rabbits to eat watermelon, but it is not their main dish. However, People can use it as food treat to train rabbits to obey command. Fruits can only play the part of a treat, as we already know. Give him a little watermelon and watch his stool in the next 24 hours, if your Rabbit has never fed watermelons before. Stop feeding him for a few days, if his stool is weaker. Feed the ordinary diet of the rabbits, including a few pellets, water, and hay. Also, stop trees. How can any health problems, such as soft stool or gas, be avoided when feeding watermelon: Don’t feed every day with watermelon. We advise that you feed him just one or two portions a week. Variation is key to the diet of your rabbit. Excessive sweetness can … Read more Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?