iPhone 12 Rumours Seem to be Very Exciting

Is it the iPhone 12 display which is best?

iPhone 12 (2020): Design Rumours, Leaks, Price, Features.
As is always the case in the weeks before the new iPhone is revealed, rumors about the iPhone 12 come from all angles. Rumors involve a massive upgrade to the phone display – and a well-known Apple leaker thinks we might be in for good news.

Along with huge battery and camera upgrades, rumors that the iPhone 12 will have a 120hz ProMotion display abounded for months – along with just as many rumors that it won’t.

But the Apple leaker Jon Prosser (below) told fans not to give up on the idea. The 120hz display rate would allow super-smooth scrolling and animation.

The only Apple device to feature this screen technology is the 2020 iPad Pro – making it a brilliant device for animators and video editors looking for precision in motion.

This might seem like a smartphone luxury, but the iPhone 12 already looks like a truly portable creative powerhouse with a huge battery and processor performance. With the addition of a ProMotion display, the iPhone 12 could well become a tiny yet powerful tool for digital artists on the go.

iPhone 12 (2020): Design Rumours, Leaks, Price, Features.

In subsequent tweets, Prosser tells followers that his sources have seen the tech in action on iPhone 12 models, even though he’s “not sure it’s going to launch”—suggesting that the feature could be enabled with a future iOS update.

Prosser’s tweet isn’t the only proof that ProMotion might be back on the iPhone 12 cards. As iAppleTimes reports (above), users have found an option to limit the frame rate to 60hz in the latest iOS 14 beta.

All current iPhones are only capable of 60hz, suggesting that the future iPhone could be capable of a much smoother frame rate.

Apple is expected to follow similar pricing for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max models to iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max models. It will start at $699 for the regular model, while the Pro and Pro max models will start at $999 and $1099. As you add storage, prices will also increase.

While Apple has admitted that the iPhone 12 will arrive a few weeks later than planned, we hope it won’t take long to find out exactly what’s in store.

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