PUBG Mobile Payload Mode (AIR SUPPORT)

Tencent has added a new Payload mode on Android and iOS to PUBG Mobile that includes both aerial combat and the means to protect yourself.

You will ride to wreak havoc on the ground in attack helicopters, then fight back with rocket and grenade launchers and a minigun. You can also rely on aerial attacks to level the field of play.


There are also perks on the field. PUBG Mobile borrows a cue from Apex Legends by adding an option to “recall” missing teammates if you can carry their identification cards to the contact towers.

Vehicle repair packs can keep the UAZ running if you don’t want to give it up mid-drive. Payload Mode adds some distinction to the game’s mobile version— the main PUBG still focuses primarily on ground combat. It probably won’t convince you to turn your attention to PUBG Mobile, but beyond simple convenience, it might give you a reason to play on your phone.

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