SAP Business Partner General Data

4 min read – Understanding general data of SAP Business Partner

The Data areas of BP

General DataCustomer DataVendor Data
Data related to person/ OrganizationTax dataTax data
Bank data (time-dependent)General customer dataGeneral vendor data
Address data (time-dependent)Company code data (role FLCU00)Company code data (role FLVN00)
Credit card data (time-dependent)Sales data (role FLCU01)Purchasing data (role FLVN01)

Address Management was introduced with Business Partners for customer/ vendor. In this, a particular SAP Business Partner General Data can have multiple addresses. There can be a standard address. Address data will have data like Postal data, International address and communication data. The main usage will be different addresses like Private address, shipping address and invoicing address.

Identification Numbers are available too. Commercial registration number, global location number, external number, tax number, and industry can be maintained in SAP Business Partner.

Note: To synchronize time-dependant business partner data, you can use a program BUPTDTRANSMIT (T-Code: SE38) Distribution of time-dependent business partner data.

Based on the SAP Easy access the creation of a business partner is centralized to one entry point; Business Partner t-code: BP.

Creating a Business Partner is very simple and straightforward thanks to the new version S/4HANA. Go to t-code BP, select Person, Organisation or Group as the category. Select a BP Role. Select the appropriate grouping for the BP. Finally, enter the relevant details and SAVE.
Congratulations you have successfully created a BP.

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